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Be a first mover

In many cases companies can still get a first mover advantage in Growth Markets
– in others it is time to catch up with the market leaders.

Systematic television exposure gets your story out. Our extended film format allows for detailed and nuanced narratives – adding the context of heritage and values to your brand.

We have high quality standards because the stations lend their names and credibility to the broadcast.


Industry opportunities

  • Consumer goods – brand preferences are created at the early stages of economic development. Market leaders are created now see-campaign-btn.png

  • Luxury goods – the premium segments grow rapidly in Growth Markets see-campaign-btn.png

  • Pharmaceuticals – educate the general population on diseases and their treatment

  • Business-to-business – large international businesses get to pitch their products at a high governmental level, but so do the competitors. Even B-t-B companies gain from public support see-campaign-btn.png

  • Infrastructure – what's better – an airport or a terminal? see-campaign-btn.png

  • Energy - solar or wind energy? Competing solutions gain support from public awareness

This is what television can do for your company

  • Build your brand – films on television can establish the heritage of your brand
  • Reach your audiences – effectively and at low cost
  • Set your agenda – making your case better and sooner than your competitors
  • Recruit the best employees – make the case for your company in the battle for talent
  • Increase loyalty – employees take pride in seeing their company on television
  • State your contribution – investments, employment and good business practices make a contribution to society – and contributions build relationships