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Reefer Technology to Brazilian Farmers

A 24-minute film aired on the largest agricultural station in Brazil, AgroCanal Brazil, reaching lime farmers. Modern reefer technology allows the farmers to reach all corners of the world with fresh produce.

Campaign reach
3.0 million


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  • Cost effectiveness compared to advertising above 300%
  • 173 minutes of airtime
  • Largest agribusiness channel in Brazil – targeting farmers and ranchers
  • Reaching the target audience precisely



Brazil in Motion

The key messages of business-to-business companies frequently do not fit into 30-second commercial spots. They tend to be too complex for that format. 

With our concept of in-depth corporate content aired on television, business-to-business companies have a unique opportunity to bring across their messages, expanding their markets and gaining market share.

In Brazil, there is a huge market potential for reefer containers, but many farmers do not recognize the advantages offered by container shipping and reefer technology over traditional trucking.

The container will keep the produce fresh on the entire journey from the farmland hundreds or even thousands of miles from the nearest port and all the way to the consumers of the United States, Europe and Asia.

These messages were driven home in a 24-minute film, Brasil em Movimento – Brazil in Motion, aired seven times on an agricultural station in Brazil, precisely targeting the farmers of the country.





  • 4 x primetime showing of teasers to attract more viewers
  • Press event showing extended teaser to set the scene
  • Social media campaign
  • Film for internal use


  • 2 x 24 minutes documentaries on trade and energy
  • 12 primetime shows on Agro Canal and two other national broadcasters in primetime in 2013
  • :30 sec TVC spot running simultaneously
  • Total of 173 minutes airtime
  • Reach 3.0 million people in Brazil


  • More than 35 publications have written about Maersk since the beginning of the campaign - reaching more than 20 million readers
  • Social media spin-of. All Maersk web traffic is guided to a landing page, based on the stories from the films.
  • Stock footage & still photos