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A local film for each market

Our modular film concept is developed for cost effectiveness. It combines global messages with local flavor.
The main chapters are the key focus areas.
Intros, outros and bridges adapt a film to a particular country or region. 

Original Footage

Our films are typically divided into chapters acting as building blocks and combined into a large number of films on a variety of subject matter for different countries.

The original film is a global version. The intro has an international perspective and the film covers high level themes like the heritage of the company, its product offering and its contribution to the world as an employer and a corporate citizen.

Altered Version For A Local Market

The next version of the film may, as in the example above, be a shorter film for a particular market focusing on the company as an employer, highlighting its local activities and heritage.

Another Altered Version For A Local Market

Another version of the film may emphasize the contribution to the country where the film is aired with additional local content. Building blocks from the original film are reused, but the film has a local feel because the introduction is shot in the local market and references to the market are made during the film when we move from one chapter to the next.

The film concept


Our concept is built on mutual gain: Television stations and viewers get high quality content. Global corporations and institutions have fascinating stories to tell.We usually work with film formats ranging from three to 24 minutes.

If you already have a film we advise on adaptation to television and make a recommendation for adjustments – free of charge.

We also offer to adapt existing material to your target audience.

We produce original footage. Our partner, Copenhagen Film Company, produces corporate films for Growth Markets based on a modular concept.

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