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Project Impact

March 11, 2014 / in DEVELOPMENT


Amidst an ocean of critique regarding greenwashing, sustainability initiatives abound with promises to radically change corporate behavior within the societies they inhabit. An army of non-compliers flood the scene, while an exclusive group of pioneers are simultaneously stepping up to the plate to effect change with an impressive rate of success.

PROJECT IMPACT is a series of short films which aim to humanize the impact Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives have had on emerging markets since the United Nation Global Compact defined 10 key principles in 2000. Three continental films will recognize and highlight best practices within several industry sectors responsible for advancing the sustainability agenda, namely in Energy, Water, Agriculture, Renewables, Food, Transportation, Building and Pharmaceuticals. Local communities with a history of corporate partnership will describe just how much fortitude it takes to merge civil and corporate interests.  The films will be broadcast on TV in major markets in throughout Africa, Asia and South America.

PROJECT IMPACT is in development – companies interested in sponsoring cases are welcome to call Deborah Bayer Marlow at +45 2065 7095 or email at marlow@thisistouch.com