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Television – the leading medium

Television is alive and well. It's the leading medium in the Growth Markets – and in most countries it's growing. It works well in combination with digital campaigns and social media.


Average daily viewing time

Per Individual in H:MM

TV Stations in Malaysia

In Malaysia, a few large national stations reach most of the population. We can offer access to the most attractive stations during prime time. Or we can target specific market segments through smaller, specialized stations.

This market structure is common in the medium sized countries in the Growth Markets of Asia and Latin America.


Average daily viewing time

Per Individual in H:MM

TV Stations in Brazil

Brazil is a large market and the cost of reaching the entire population via television is prohibitive in many cases, but the country offers a wide range of specialized and regional stations allowing us to reach specific target audiences very precisely at relatively low cost. For example, we can offer access to stations specializing in healthcare and agriculture  – or to stations catering to the business community in the main cities or key political decision makers on a national level.

China and India have a structure similar to that of Brazil and provides some of the same opportunities.

South Africa

Average daily viewing time

Per Individual in H:MM

TV Stations in South Africa

Most African countries have a few dominant television stations that are watched by most of the population. In South Africa, we offer access to these market leading stations, but there is also a large number of smaller stations reaching specialized target audiences.

Different solutions for different markets

In many Growth Markets much can be accomplished with access to just one main station. This applies in countries with a traditional media structure with a few, dominant stations. This Is Touch has access to a large number of these stations.

Other Growth Markets have a more fragmented structure. In those markets we identify the most relevant stations and typically offer a combination of two of more stations to reach the target audience.

Some large markets have a regional structure providing opportunities to reach specific target audience at reasonable cost even in very large countries.

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