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Corporate films
aired on main television stations

Our campaigns usually consist of: Corporate film, trailers, program announcements by the station,
morning or evening shows and news features.
We have a flexible approach. Campaign elements can be selected and combined according to your wishes.


Corporate films

This Is Touch gets corporate films ranging from three to 30 minutes aired on television. They are watched as regular programming – not advertising. The films are usually aired a number of times – from two to 10 times per station.


Our films are announced by 30-40 trailers.

Station announcements

The films are pre-announced by station anchors.

Talk shows

In several countries we offer access to popular morning and evening shows.

Special features

Corporate content can be integrated into existing shows. For example, features on fashion, travel, health or sports.

PR and Social Media

The film content and research behind it can be reused for public relations in print media, digital marketing and Social Media.