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This Is Touch is composed of a multifaceted, creative and professional team. We all contribute in our own unique way and bring varied thinking to the table. This is the heart of our company.

Steen Reeslev

Managing Partner

Trained as a journalist, Steen Reeslev has held senior positions for 20 years, including the top communications and marketing jobs at Danske Bank and A.P. Moller-Maersk. At Maersk, he gained extensive experience communicating in Growth Markets. Given his stellar background, we made Steen Reeslev our managing partner.

Deborah Bayer Marlow

Executive Producer

Educated as a photojournalist, Deborah Bayer Marlow has been involved in A-league film productions since 1995. Her experience ranges from blockbuster feature films to world-class advertising campaigns in both the US and Denmark, for companies such as Microsoft, Nike, Samsung, and Pepsi.

René Strandbygaard


Traveling the globe as a press and feature photographer, René Strandbygaard has covered the hot spots of the world. He is co-founder of Copenhagen Film Company, which produces films for a number of global corporations and for This Is Touch. René is head of the unique global TV network offered to our clients.

Tine Grew Pfeiffer


Before becoming a producer, Tine Grew Pfeiffer worked on several films with maverick director Lars von Trier. She co-founded Alphaville Pictures Copenhagen in 2003, an award-winning company creating documentaries, shorts and feature films, where she has produced numerous films. Pfeiffer is the financial officer and legal coordinator for This Is Touch.

Per Liebeck

Head of Norwegian Office

Per Liebeck is a documentary filmmaker and corporate film director with more than 18 years experience in the growth markets of the world. Per has an MBA in International Management, and divides his time between Copenhagen and Oslo, where he is responsible for the Norwegian office.

Ole Thempler de Leeneer

Media Consultant

Ole Thempler de Leeneer is an entrepreneur and businessman based in Accra, Ghana. Ole was in charge of building the position of the Zepto computer brand in Ghana, among others supplying 15.000 PCs to the Ministry of Education and training 1200 television and radio technicians in 10 regions. For This Is Touch, Ole is leveraging his extensive Growth Markets network covering not only Africa, but India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh as well.

Peter Eyermann

Member of Advisory Board, Nordic Region

A media entrepreneur for more than 30 years in television, corporate films, online gaming and interactive marketing, Peter Eyermann founded and managed several companies. In 1998, he co-founded the Propello Group, which is today part of the Cell Network. Two years later Peter founded Attraction, and in 2009 the agency Frnd in Copenhagen. Over the years, he has developed innovative solutions for a wide range of major corporations including Telia, Maersk, Ericsson and Unilever.

Marie-Louise Møller

Business Development

Marie-Louise Møller has a background in media and corporate communications. She has international experience in print and broadcast journalism, working for Reuters and Bloomberg TV. She has also worked for Maersk as senior communications partner. Her role at This is Touch is to connect you with us.

Charlotte Kim

Creative Director

Charlotte Kim is a copy writer with 15 years of experience in journalism, public relations, advertising and one-to-one marketing. Her background includes positions at Sepia Proximity and Tribal DDB. She has authored two business books, one on customer relations and one on fashion. At This Is Touch, Charlotte applies her skills as a creative developer.