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Large companies need to be careful with their image, but can still show the exciting reality below the surface

It promotes strong work ethics, but is itself an example of lazy thinking

”Understanding something intellectually is completely different from seeing it, feeling it” - Kip Thorne

The man who turned $19 invested in 1965 into $146,186 today, Warren Buffett, is probably the most successful investor alive.

As a reader of business and financial news I’m struck by the apparent ability of traders and chief economists to predict the future – or rather the stunning belief in their ability to do so.

Corporate anecdotes are more colorful than official statements – they can also be more true.

How the virus of cynicism is spread in an organization to undermine management and external credibility

Back in the early 1990’ies I was seconded by my then-employer, Burson-Marsteller, to head the Hungarian branch of the global public relations firm.

The disinformation of an Iraqi minister led to openness and critical journalism

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