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Meeting customers as real people is harder than it sounds – and meets predictable objections. Southwest Airlines has been described as a customer service company that also happens to be an airline. I wonder if you have ever heard of a bank or insurance company described in those terms? For Southwest Airlines creating a customer centric organization was a matter of throwing away the manuals on correct behavior toward the customers and meeting them as people. The founder, Herb Kelleher, showed the way, showing up at three o’clock in the morning to hand out donuts or clean a plane...

Using one metric such as safety or customer first is a viable strategy to turn a company around. It sets a chain of events in motion. Back in the late 1980’ies a new insight in the workings of communications in large corporations was discovered – that uncompromising attention to one aspect of a huge and multifaceted business operation could turn an entire company around...

How a career-long quest to combine public relations and advertising into one concept created a brand new communications product

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